The German-French Chamber of Trade and Industry helps you to get the so-called “Unique Identification Number” (UIN) or “identifiant unique” for your sales in France.

The principle of Extended Producer Responsibility has been implemented in many areas of the French legislation. Producers are therefore required to collect and take-back products they introduce on the French market by joining compliance schemes specialized in the different consumer goods fields.

France has implemented a large number of EPR fields, compared to other European countries which generally implement three EPR fields: Packaging, Batteries, and Electric and Electronic equipment. There are currently more than a dozen EPR fields in France (some of which are voluntary) and many other EPR fields will be created in the following years (including packaging from catering, chewing-gum, fishing equipment, only to name a few).

The most relevant products are (this is a non-exclusive list):

  • Household packaging
  • Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • Batteries
  • Household waste of chemical products: ECO-DDS is the compliance scheme collecting and processing chemical waste from the consumer market (e.g. paint waste, vehicle polish, pool products, chemical cleaning products).
  • Furniture waste: Eco-mobilier and Valdelia are two compliance schemes collecting and disposing of furniture. Eco-mobilier manages household and professional furniture, whereas Valdelia specializes in furniture used in professional settings, including the hotel and catering industry as well as municipalities and public structures such as hospitals and schools.
  • Shoes, clothing, and household linen: Re-fashion (previously known as Eco-TLC) is the compliance scheme in charge of managing the collection and recycling of shoes, clothes and household linen from the consumer market.
  • Press, other printed and unprinted paper, and envelopes

Services provided:

  • Research and full contract establishment with the relevant European compliance schemes, according to the needs of your company 
  • Product analysis 
  • Calculation of the contribution for internal cost analysis purposes 
  • Submission of the mandatory declarations 
  • Invoice management

"Ask the expert"-Sessions:

Save your time by getting practical answers and resources delivered to you during an individual expert session via Microsoft Teams. We stay at your disposal to answer your questions about your EPR and reporting obligations in France and Germany. We offer you to analyse whether your company is considered a producer and for which products you might be concerned. Furthermore, we can help you find a practical solution for you to comply with the French labelling obligations with the Triman logo.