Despite the European Union-wide Directive 94/62/EG requiring companies to collect and recycle packaging, the national implementation of said legislation continues to diverge significantly. These differences between EU member States become particularly apparent in intra-European exports.

By joining a national compliance scheme, the legal obligation under the member states’ law is transferred from the producer of the packaged product to the relevant scheme.

In order to support businesses to comply with the EPR obligations, the has formed close partnerships with compliance schemes all over Europe enabling us to provide consulting services and administrative support to prepare and submit the relevant reports at a European scale.

Services provided: 

  • Compliance Check: review of your reporting obligations
  • Determination of the most advantageous reporting method for your company and contract conclusion with the respective compliance scheme
  • Analysis of your packaging units and calculation of fees
  • Calculation of the packaging contribution for internal cost analysis purposes
  • Submission of the mandatory reports
  • Invoice management: verification and transfer
  • Support for specific problems and individual questions on packaging and waste management

Important information for companies exporting to FRANCE:
Please note that household packaging as well as certain products are subject to a labelling obligation with the Triman Logo and a sorting instruction in France. You can find more information in our information sheet that can be requested on the following link:

"Ask the expert"-Sessions:

Save your time by getting practical answers and resources delivered to you during an individual expert session via Microsoft Teams. We stay at your disposal to answer your questions about your EPR and reporting obligations in France and Germany. We help you analyse whether your company is considered a producer and for which products you might be concerned. Furthermore, we can offer to you a practical solution to comply with the French labelling obligations regarding the Triman logo.